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Free Industry Expertise

We are your one stop pool & spa shop in Big Bend. Even if you shop elsewhere, we'd love to share our wealth of knowledge with you to help you on your journey to turn your backyard into the destination of your dreams. We've installed over 10,000 swimming pools and countless hot tubs and have seen it all. From helping customers get their pool up and running again after a hurricane to getting their pool trampled by buffalo, we've seen it all. Feel free to stop by our store or give us a call anytime-- we can't wait to help!

Free Water Testing

We offer computerized water testing for free in our store by utilizing the state of the art Lamotte SpinDisk™ system. It takes the human error out of matching the colors. It takes roughly 4 minutes to test your water from when you walk in. We use offer this service due to its simplicity and consistancy and can reccomend you any chemicals you need to balance and purify your water.

Pool & Spa Chemicals and Accessories

We offer products from Polaris, Zodiac, Pentair, Hayward, and Natural Chemistry. Our trained staff are friendly and knowledgeable so no matter what your needs are we'd love to help you out! We take the green out of your pool not out of your pocket. Visit our pool & spa chemicals page or pool & spa accessories page to learn more!

Poolside Accessories & Assembly

We see to it that your investment is setup correctly, the first time! We also will bundle up all the accessories necessary including liners, ladders, maintenance equipment, startup chemicals, filter systems, brushes, thermometers, dip nets, vacuum heads and hoses, and pool poles. Purchasing an above ground pool online can cost you more in the longrun as you purchase products you don't even end up using!

Contacted Blake when I was beyond frustrated - bought an above ground pool three years ago and the store I purchased it from doesn't know how to fix things, can't find replacement parts - I've looked all around Tallahassee trying to find someone to just come fix it but Blake did better than that by walking me through fixing it myself in the most economical way possible - I've talked to him three or four times so far and he's made about $3 off me, so I KNOW I can trust when he tells me what the best thing to do is!!

Kristen Burke

We could not be happier with the service we received from Blake at Aloha Pools and Spa. He replaced the liner in our semi in-ground pool, he was on time, professional and the price he charged to do it was very reasonable. We will no doubt use their services again in the future.

Jenifer Willard

Made a delivery with our semi truck and was greeted with excitement! We were unloaded with in 15 minutes. We also asked questions about different brands and things we would like in the future. They took the time knowing we wouldn't be purchasing it there ( we live in Texas) to explain everything. Truly a great place and we hope to deliver more spas there again. Thank you!!!

Jamison Taylor

Aloha pools is locally owned which means that you get personal service. Blake is the owner. He provides knowledgeable friendly help. He carries high quality products and installs and services them himself.

Michael Scholl

A shout out to Blake for quickly (and affordably) getting us back on line with our pool this summer. We have a large family, and our pool is a big part of our summer activities. So, when the liner (and pump) decided it was time to call it quits, we were more than anxious to get it fixed. Blake was super in that he quickly lined everything up and problem-solved to get us back in business while saving us some cash along the way. Blake is my go-to guy when it comes to pools going forward!

Brian Peacock

I first walked into Aloha Pools 6 years ago as a clueless new pool owner. Blake is as helpful and friendly as they come. Been using him for years, he taught me the basics and he makes taking care of my pool easier than I ever imagined it would be.

Mi Fi

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