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Blake Watson


Blake has been putting fun into Tallahassee backyards for over 25 years. Exceeding expectations for his first job in the industry, he quickly found a passion for the pool & spa market. "I've literally seen people come in that were kids when I first started and now I'm selling them their own pools. I can't wait to sell their kid's pools and hot tubs. The trust level is great when people come back". Blake believes in treating customers right instead of doing what is cheap or easy. "Everything that I sell I feel really good that it's the best of its kind".


Backyard Specialist

Skye has been in the industry for several years. She worked for 3 years as a city lifeguard where she took charge of the water chemistry for the public pool. Having taken care of a swimming pool much larger than the ones in most people's backyards has given her invaluable experience.